Fall into Beautiful Skin

Pumpkin Peptide Peel
Fall is here! This is a great facial/peel with very little "down time". This is our traditional pumpkin facial "amped up"! Much stronger, great for fine lines , pigmentation and has a great "lift"! 

Special Price through October $99-normally $125

Jessner Peel Package
The ultimate peel package! This includes 3 DNA products to prep the skin, Jessner peel post mini facial with application of DNA Cryostem cells

Only $350 (regular $520)

*Must mention these specials to take advantage! 
*Hurry these specials are so scarily good they expire at the end of the month

Peel Season

It is Peel season! I feel it in the air. This is the time of year that we naturally are getting ready for the winter, we are gathering and nesting. I watched a cute squirrel this morning having fun pulling at the shreds of our banana tree out front probably for a nest that he/she will build.
I have been doing more peels lately and I love to see the transformation that takes place. Pigmentation is reduced or gone, fresh glow and the client holds her head up a little higher once they get through the "shedding". I have a great idea that I will blog my peel experience for everyone to read me go through day 1- day 7. Just have to figure out a good time but it will be soon.....stay tuned

Have Questions??

I would love to hear from any of you, your questions about skin, health.....

I have been obsessed with watching "Keeping up with the Kardashian's". I know I am a reality show watcher and I dont know if this quailifies but I cant seem to stop watching for several reasons......

1) They seem like a normal family kinda (fighting sisters, man troubles, pimples)..

2) I don't care what anyone says, that Kim Kardashian is really pretty and I am trying to figure out how she always looks so good (I am always looking at skin,faces,makeup.....)
and her sisters are also so pretty. Khloe seems to be getting prettier now even though she looks very different the the other two and Courtney is a Kim look alike. Dont know what she is doing with that loser "Scott" ugh!

Anyways I am out there to find what makes all those girls camera and red carpet ready...stay tuned!