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Is Men's Skin Really Different?

Well as a matter of fact, yes it is! Most men's skin is more sensitive, acidic, and thicker and oilier. Men also have a higher incidence of skin cancer. This is partly due to the fact that most have historically not been the best at applying sun protection, but also due to the fact that they normally have more skin showing (no shirts, exposed ears, tops of their heads....sorry guys!). High incidence of skin cancer on the ears, nose and backs of the neck.
Testosterone increases the number of cells in the skin and stimulates blood flow. Testosterone also stimulates the production of sebum and in the hair follicle it toughens the hair. I always wondered why their beard was so tough!
Men also have an advantage with shaving over the years which is a great exfoliation. This type of exfoliation stimulates collagen and elastin. This is why most men show less age and wrinkles than most women.......not fair!
But men you are not exempt from skin care maintenance! Please don't use bar soap and/or shower gel on your face. You need to use a facial cleanser that is pH balanced or slightly acidic. Your (and ours) skin likes to be in a more acidic state, this protects us from the elements.
If you have any questions regarding what to use please contact me and I would love to show you how simple and easy this can be.

Day and Life of a Chemical Peel Diary Part 7

Well this is the last post of this series and Kim is completely done with her peel. The patch near her right forehead hairline is now gone. Our next step is to take care of the skin and continue to apply the healing products. She will come in on Tuesday and we will apply the DNA CryoStem Cell Serum and gently exfoliate her skin.
She is very happy with the look of her skin now and she needs to be very careful to avoid the sun for 2 weeks and wear sun protection daily.

Day and Life of a Chemical Peel Diary Part 6

Today is Saturday, day 5 of the peel. Most of the peeling is done except a tiny patch in her right forehead which is hidden by her hair. Boy it looks so smooth and even. The skin is still a little pink because it is all new fresh skin but looks healthy and has a wonderful glow. She can start using a little mineral makeup now not only to protect but it will help to neutralize the slight pink glow which looks great!

Now her chest is flaking and her decollete is micro peeling. I again applied a healing, Shea balm mixed in with sunscreen for this area which looked "itchy" and flaky.
She brought up an interesting thing that happened during her peel in that she had a "secondary" peel over areas which had already peeled. I do think this is because this is her first peel. It was actually good because this was over some of her old chicken pox and acne scars.

Day and Life of a Chemical Peel Diary Part 5

Its like you are coming down to home stretch.....yeah! I'm Kim's cheerleader saying "you can do it, you can do it"!!

The areas on her cheeks have "cracked and are flaking off, still dark but the new skin looks amazing.

I will tell you that if you give me a week we can make some amazing transformations with this peel. It's like giving birth (like I know) when it is over you forget what you went through and you are ready to have another one.
When I see her tomorrow I expect most of the forehead to have peel and her cheeks up to her ear area. Going along perfectly!

Day and Life of a Chemical Peel Diary Part 4

This is day 3 of the peel. I applied the peel on Monday and I count the days after the peel day. I applied 4-5 layers of a DNA Jessner Peel.

Kim looks like she sees the light at the end of the tunnel today, she is excited about what she sees. Last night she said her skin was so tight that she put a healing shea balm that I gave her yesterday that really soothed and helped soften the tightness. She said the Zen therapy burns her skin right now so this is a good thing to keep in mind for some clients who have a deeper peel like Kim. I have other clients who say that they like the Zen therapy at this stage. She can try it in a few days, it will be very good for the new skin. Her scars are really minimized and the pigmentation on the newly peeled skin looks nonexistant. She looks great! The dark skin you see on the sides will flake off in the next few days and she should be done peeling in 3-4 days. We will then apply the wonderful DNA CryoStem Cell Serum to enhance her healing and results.

Day and Life of a Chemical Peel Diary Part 3

This is technically day 2 of the peel. I applied it on Monday and it is now Wednesday. She is very tight and it is cracking around her mouth. The tightness is driving her a little crazy so when she arrived today I applied more moisturizer to her skin and spritzed liberally. She said everything is soaking up. This is when you have to apply the "healers" to the skin almost every hour or more (zen, sunscreen, floral bliss..). Her skin around her mouth where it has peeled is pink with fresh new skin which is totally normal and I assured her that in a few days that would decrease in pinkness. The pigmentation is darker every where and it almost looks leathery. This is when you have to reassure the client of the great outcome because it does accentuate every thing they hate about their skin (lines around the eyes, pigment, skin looks old and crapey) which is what it will do before it peels. Typically day 4 is the worst day which is Thursday (Nov. 11 for her). She did say that it looks like it would hurt when you look at her but it does not hurt. She is being a good sport! Boy is it going to look good but i cant wait to see her tomorrow!
She has 3 new clients and this will be interesting!

Day and Life of a Chemical Peel Diary Part 2

I should never laugh at my clients but Kim walked in today smiling waiting to see my reaction to her skin. She came in today around 1pm and her skin changed from the time I saw her at 1 pm until she left around 6:30 pm. Boy she is going to have a good peel and she is in good spirits but in shock I think to see how much pigmentation she has pulled up. This is of course a good sign and will peel off in the next few days. Whether 100% will go away, time will tell if we need to do a second peel but most people do well with just one. She said her skin feels tight and her neck is a little itchy which is not unusual when we are working with the neck and decollete. I just told her to apply her sunscreen and heeling gel more often and apply hydrocortisone cream to itchy areas for a few days.
She is right on course and I cant wait to see her through this week!

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Day and Life of a Chemical Peel Diary Part 1

I am excited to bring you Part 1 of 7 in a Diary of a chemical peel. I have a volunteer that will share her experience of a chemical peel from start to finish with pictures to add. I hope she can share her experience from a different point of view than "me" the "practitioner". Kim has never had a chemical peel and today Nov 8Th we applied the peel. I will also be posting a picture of her everyday and she will add her daily comments. Please ask any question you may have for Kim.
Who is a candidate for a peel? If you have fine lines, uneven skin tone, pimentation, breakouts, acne, rough skin then you are a candidate. The only skin type that I do not like this particular peel on is dry sensitive or rosacea. The other thing I like to do before the peel is "patch test" the client to help make sure he/she is not allergic to the product. This is simple to do, I just swab behind the back of your ear at least 12-24 hours before the peel.
This is a picture of Kim before the peel.

Things that we need to do to not look old

1) Drink plenty of water a day *remember the calculation 1/2 your weight = water ozs. So if you weigh 120 lbs it is 60 ozs if you dont exercise or drink coffee, tea, or alcohol. In that case you need to add 2 cups of water to every cup of the above beverage.

2) Be high maintenence. Do something to your skin every day. It does not have to be complicated but you need antioxidants (vit A,C,E....) on the skin as well as a good internal supplement. Dont neglect your neck, chest and hands. Make this ritual as automatic as brushing your teeth.

3) Dont wear too much makeup. Or too little. Both extremes are aging.

4) Dont neglect your nails. Hands that show wearand tear are instantly aging. Short (no longer than 1/4 inch past nail bed) polished nails in a vibrant shade look fresh and pretty. Dont forget those feet!! Poorly pedicured feet, especially dry cracked heels which signal years of neglect age you. Use a exfoliating cream like Lac-Hydrin every night on your heels.

5) Hair......look at your hair and if you have the same style for more than 3 years it is time. Ask your hairdresser what they think HONESTLY and take their suggestion. They know what looks good and probably have been praying you would ask.

Five Tips to Put Your Best Face Forward This Fall

From Driven Diva:

Awhile back, I featured Chicago's beauty girl Nicole Pearl and her beauty bag must-haves for this fall. Nicole had some amazing recommendations for cleaning out your beauty bag or drawer and refilling it with the latest and greatest products to give you a fresh start this fall. With summer finally ending, I went in for a fall facial this week and while most people would take that opportunity to relax and enjoy a treatment (aka in silence), I, of course, spent the entire time asking questions about the best ways to maintain a clear complexion and "summer glow" in the fall. Sure, I may have actually driven my amazing aesthetician Beth up a wall with all the "why" and "what's that" follow ups, but I walked away with a few great tips to share with you and my own fresh face to step into the next season.

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